April 2019

We wanted to replace our 150 yr old family farmhouses with a newly built but authentic replacement "The Catskill Farmhouse". My wife and I are total rookies when it comes to the building trades, so we found John Shay’s website and set up a phone call.  He blew my wife and me away on that 1st call. We hung up and said to each other, We just found our “old pro”. Boy, were we right. From our very first conversation until now, as we finish up with plantings and landscaping, etc.

John has been fabulous. He told us at the beginning that you need to understand all the subcontractor trades, their methods and options/codes in order to manage them and he was right. He even overrode our architect’s plans w/better ideas as we went along, and knew how to get those approved. He constantly watched our pennies on this multimillion dollar project, which was ultra impressive. He made each sub submit bids, which immediately put them on notice that they had to be competitive. To say that John is demanding would be an understatement. But - he is ultra qualified, so the subs all respected that. We wanted to use as many vintage salvaged materials as possible from the original houses and barn, as well as pieces we sourced all over the country. Sinks, tubs, bathroom fixtures, hardware, and medicine chests, flooring, hinges, doors, transoms, lighting, staircase materials, bluestone slabs, beams, tons of field stones taken from original stonewalls to make walls, huge fireplaces, porch deck walls, etc - all vintage. It is much easier to use new materials, obviously, but John never once complained - he had a genuine “can-do” attitude throughout.

The scope of the project grew as we listened to John’s recommendations, as everything he did was the right thing. I could go on much more, but then you might think that John is my brother-in-law or something. He’s not - he’s the real deal. Feel free to contact me for what will be an unconditional recommendation.

David C. Kerr

June 2016

After a two year wait and search to find a contractor who would take over my bath remodel due to a stop work order from the previous contractor my Plumber referred Shay builders to me. John took over and he and his crew repaired and finished my bathroom beautifully. John is very kind and patient and makes sure that his customer is completely satisfied... His carpentry framing & trim work was perfect and he matched my old stain moulding. I am recommending him because he gets the job done right.


Dec 2015

"In my opinion, there are three critical traits of a successful general contractor: honesty, attention to detail and craftsmanship. John Shay exhibited all three during our renovation project. While no remodeling project goes exactly according to plan, John kept us informed as to what changes were needed once we opened the house up. He communicated clearly and was honest and straightforward throughout the process. John also has a keen eye for detail and strove to match the details of our 80-year-old home, oftentimes pointing out things we didn't notice.

His craftsmanship was also excellent on the parts he personally worked on, including window trim, crown molding and other fine details. John takes enormous pride in his work and doesn't consider the job done until he is satisfied. Whether your project is major or minor, new construction or a renovation, you can trust John Shay to get it done right."

CW Long

April 2015

We bought our house 3 years ago and we have had several contractors in over the years. John and his were by far the best contractor I have ever had. He is extremely responsive, dependable and affordable. Thus far, he is the only contractor that has adhered to timelines, and in fact, finished the job a few days early. His work is impeccable and his attention to detail is phenomenal. Without a doubt, I would recommend John for your renovation project and would use him again without hesitation.

Incidentally, we were so pleased with the work he had done, we had him build a tree house for our kids. He finished that concurrently and the kids love it.

Robert and Antoinette

March 2014

When my husband and I purchased a fixer-upper on what turned out to be the base of a bedrock mountain, our realtor recommended two builders. We knew the minute we met him that John Shay would build our home. I say “home” because that is what he built – not a house, but a home. We had never embarked on this type of project, and with the exception of a large kitchen-dining area really didn’t know what we wanted. We asked John to give us some ideas and within a matter of weeks he’d drawn three different plans. We liked them all, but especially loved one and went with it. As the project progressed and John got to know us, he continually presented us with new ideas that would make this structure OUR home.

In addition to being a very talented builder, John is an honest, considerate, budget-conscious, straight-forward businessman with a great sense of humor. It was a pleasure working with him. We give him our highest recommendation and endorsement.

This weekend we walked through our home and marveled at the beauty and quality of John’s work. John is an artist and a technician – a true Craftsman with the unique ability to envision what others can only imagine.

Mary and Glenn Thorbourne

May 2013

John Shay is an extraordinarily talented, patient and knowledgeable construction builder and project manager. We have been friends for many years starting when John was a student and I was just beginning my career as a building materials supplier with Lloyd Lumber Co. John has wide experience in all types of building and remodeling projects from the simplest home kitchen remodel to high rise steel construction facing difficult challenges at every turn. John can be accurately described as the man who gets the job done on time and on budget. I would be please to recommend John to any interested party.
Carl Dill
former owner and president, Dill's Best Building Centers

June 2012

John Shay and I met for breakfast on Wednesday last as I mentioned to you and Joel. Frankly, after listening to John's review of his plans for the property and the difficulties you are facing with so much insight from so many people, my conclusions, for whatever they're worth, are these . . .

First, a new building will best serve the church given the known and unknown expenses of renovating the present building. Just bringing everything up to current codes will be huge and very few of those costs will be known in advance. Second, you need to make some tough decisions going forward that will not and cannot please everyone who has an opinion. That's the burden of being a leader. Third, you and your congregation are extremely fortunate to have someone of John Shay's ability on your side.

He is extraordinarily talented, patient and knowledgeable. You might say he's the answer to your prayers. And I don't mean that humorously. Whatever your decisions, please know that I wish you only the best and will help in any way I can to assure the success of the church.

June 2012

I first met John Shay more than 10 years ago when I had the opportunity to represent him in the sale of a home that he had overlooking the water on Barrett Pond in the Sedgewood Club in Carmel. He had bought, expanded and renovated a 1930’s era home and I must say I was impressed with the design and quality of workmanship in this home. Creating a great match for the expansion to blend with the older section of the house he ended up with a home that set the standard for the area and to this day is the most expensive home ever to sell in the Sedgewood Club. I think it’s a testament to the quality of work you can expect when he manages a project.

Since that time I’ve been in several other homes where John Shay has done extensive expansions and remodeling including the home in North Salem on Grant Road that was initially a wedding present from Ulysses S. Grant to his daughter, a home of approximately 11,000 square feet that sold for a price in excess of $10 million.

Large or small, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John Shay on your home project.
Donald A Mituzas
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker.

Sept 2010

I watched John buy an old Florida ranch across from me on the best waterfront and design and build a Mediterranean style home that set the standard for quality construction and design. He hit every detail perfectly and built to a new level in Florida hurricane construction, used soybean foam insulation and utilized the outdoor living areas without wasting space building a pool, covered porch, and boat dock... As an old Kitchen cabinet maker I was also impressed with the beautiful kitchen and built in entertainment area he created. He also built doors with interior transoms on site, A true old school craftsman who did this on his 1st Florida project. I saw him go on to manage many of the highest quality Commercial and Residential projects around and helped project manage and plan my new Tower Condo /marina project.

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